Food Pass Activities



Three lucky winners will be chosen to receive a

beautiful food basket (valued at $150) with the

freshest, greenest produce all sourced from our

own backyard!


All you need to do is snap a picture of your happiest

smile or funniest family poses and post it on Instagram

while you and your family are enjoying the Foodpass


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This contest will end on the end of April 2019, at 5pm

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Food Pass Activities

Hay Dairies

3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859

Opening hours: 9am – 4pm

Since 1988, Hay Dairies is the only goat farm in Singapore supplying fresh pasteurized goat milk to Singaporeans.

With 800 goats and the latest farming technology they strive to provide the best for our local needs.



Say Hay! to our furry friends and enjoy a day out at Hay Dairies. Learn more about milking goats and the wholesome

goodness of fresh goat milk at Singapore’s home-grown goat farm. Milking sessions are from 9.00am to 10.30am.

You can also feed the mischievous, fun-loving goats with alfalfa hay at $5 per packet, or try fresh goat milk directly

at the farm – it doesn’t get any fresher than that!


Jurong Frog Farm

51 Lim Chu Kang Lane (Plot 56), Singapore 718864

Opening hours: 9am to 5:30pm

Jurong Frog Farm was established in 1981 along Old Jurong Road by Mr Wan Bock Thiaw, primarily breeding

American Bullfrogs and trading other seafood like soft shell turtles, eels and snakehead fish. We moved to Lim Chu

Kang Agrotechology Park in 1993 and supply fresh and frozen frog meat to most of Singapore’s major supermarket.

The farm is now an exciting eco-tourist attraction, educating scores of students on the importance of frog farming.

Our innovative products include a range of dried and bottled premium hashima and even a purified collagen skincare




Heritage Farm Tour (10am & 4pm)

Join a tour of the Jurong Frog Farm and find out more about the frog farming industry in Singapore. You also get to

discover innovative techniques that the farm has taken to survive in a city-state like Singapore!

*Limited to 30 participants per slot. Please call 90736990 for more information.


Catch a Frog! (9am – 5:30pm)

$6 per pax

A must-try activity for the family – get up close and personal with our little green friends. Test your agility skills as you

get to catch and touch a live frog! Tadpoles netting available for the littler ones. Gumboots and nets available.


Feed a Frog! (9am – 5:30pm)

$2 per box

Come down to Jurong Frog Farm and join us for a frog-feeding frenzy. You get to learn more about the dietary habits

of the frogs and have the opportunity to feed them too!

Open House @ Jurong Frog Farm (9am – 5:30pm)

Spend a day at the Jurong Frog Farm and explore the magical world of frogs. You get to purchase the different frog

produce like Snowdrop hashima dessert and sample Buttermilk Cajun frog meat and Crocodile nuggets on a skewer!

Nyee Phoe (Gardenasia)

240 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718898

Opening hours: 6 April (Sat): 10:30am to 10:30pm, 7 April (Sun): 10am to 5:30pm

Welcome to Singapore’s first Hortitainment farm! The Nyee Phoe brand name has been a stalwart in the horticulture/

landscaping industry with over 100 years of experience and history. Nyee Phoe has blossomed and matured into a

main purveyor of their customers’ gardening and landscaping needs and more.

NPG’s portfolio offers a comprehensive array of services: landscape & horticulture, floral & decoration, events and

venue management, dining experience (in-house Bistro), farmstay, Green workshops and leisure activities, as well

as Edutainment.


Bistro by Gardenasia “Farm-to-Table Heritage Steamboat Exclusive”

$58.80 ++ for 2 pax

Exclusively for this year’s Heritage Festival, our resident chefs have curated a special Farm-to-Table Steamboat menu

that includes farm fresh produce from local farmers. Indulge in this popular Singaporean meal at our tranquil and

rustic countryside.

*Limited sets per day. Reserve your table with us at 68989111 or email us at

Bollywood Veggies Pte Ltd

100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026

Opening hours: 8am to 6:30pm

Started by Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim and Mr Lim Ho Seng in 2000 as a semi-retirement project, Bollywood Veggies is a living

example of how simple ‘kampung’ lifestyle has always embodied land productivity and environmental sustainability.

The farm opened its gates to the public and the first bistro in Kranji Countryside in 2005 to encourage Singaporeans

to learn about their food sources.


Kampung Garden Tour (11am & 2pm)

Tickets: $10/pax at

Explore Bollywood Veggies’ 10-acre planet friendly farm on an immersive and enriching farm tour. Learn about

Singapore’s rich agricultural biodiversity and the many interesting uses of indigenous plants.

Pop Up Heritage Hawker and Farmers’ Market (11am – 3pm)

Indulge in local heritage hawker fare and artisanal products curated specially for the Singapore Heritage Festival.

Enjoy simple pleasures in a rustic setting at cheap and cheerful prices.

Hausmann Marketing Aquarium

291 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718903

Opening hours: 9am-7pm for farm visit, 9am-8.30pm for fishing pond

Established in 1955 as one of the first fish farms in Lim Chu Kang, Hausmann Marketing Aquarium Pte Ltd was a

pioneer for ‘edu-tainment’. It was the first to develop outreach programs to schools to engage children in a hands-on

learning experience. Hausmann is open to the public with fun and relaxing activities such as fish feeding and

pond fishing.


Feed the beautiful koi or cute tortoises! Did you know the pacu fish loves eating apples? They may look a bit like their

fish relatives, the piranha, but don’t worry, they prefer fruits and vegetables! Angling enthusiasts can also try their

hand at the seawater fishing pond, where there are up to 8 different varieties of fish. Suitable for beginners and

experienced anglers alike.

Quan Fa Organic Farm

35 Murai Farmway, Singapore 709145

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm

Quan Fa is Singapore’s first certified organic farm: all natural, without chemicals or pesticides. A one-stop destination

for the most trusted organic products.


Explore the organic farm and see how the farmers grow all types of vegetables, herbs, sprouts and fruits with no

pesticides and no chemical fertilizers. Using the Quan Fa Compost

System inspired by a Japanese technique, there are no obnoxious odours and allows the plants to grow naturally

and healthily. Fresh organic vegetables are also available for sale on the farm.

Qian Hu Fish Farm

71 Jalan Lekar, Agrotechnology Park, Singapore 698950

Opening hours: 9am to 7pm

Qian Hu Fish Farm Trading is an integrated “one-stop” service provider ranging from farming, importing, exporting

and distributing of ornamental fish. Currently, Qian Hu exports fish directly to 4 countries, Singapore, Malaysia,

Thailand, and Indonesia. Today, Qian Hu is one of the leading exporters in Singapore and the region. Our exports in

Singapore contributes more than 15% of the total in ornamental fish.


Long Kang Fishing

$6 per pax (30 min), $10 per pax (60 min)

Throwback to the kampong days of squatting by the drains, trying to catch guppies. Your kids can now enjoy the

same joy and adventure of netting their own fish.

Fish Spa

$10 (adult) and $5 (children 12 and below) for 30 min

Exfoliate your feet naturally with Garra Rufa fish which nibble away your coarse dead skin, leaving your tired feet

rejuvenated and fresh. It’s ticklish fun for the whole family.

Creative Aquatic Minitank

$15 per pax, fish sold separately

Put on your apron and fill the tank with colourful stream pebbles, then decorate them your own special way.

Be as creative as you like! Your fish now has a wonderful place to call home!

Nippon Koi Farm

51 Jalan Lekar (Plot ST 45), Singapore 698946

Opening hours: 8:30am to 7pm

Nippon Koi Farm has the biggest and most affordable Japanese koi stock in Singapore. Started in 1980, Nippon Koi

is known for its competitive prices, sound advice and knowledge. The company’s main activities include the active

management of a large scale fish farm for breeding, farming, rehabilitation, growth and grooming, as well as having

quarantine and hospitality facilities for koi and other fishes. Nippon also undertakes all research and development

related to these activities, as well as production, packaging and distribution of Nippon Koi Farm brand fishfeed, fish

mediation, and products for water treatment.


Visitors to the farm to buy their farm fresh silver perch & vegetables.

Kok Fah Technology Farm

18 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 698974

Opening hours: Weekend Market – 9am to 5pm, Farm Tour – 9am to 4pm

Kok Fah Technology Farm is a local family-owned business that grows/sells leafy vegetables in Singapore for the past

30 plus years. Located in the northwest corner of Singapore, a place that is out of urban and embraced by Mother

Nature. Current daily operation is run by the 2nd & 3rd generation of the family. The farm is certified with Good

Agriculture Practice (GAP) by AVA as our processes/activities are strictly abiding the stringent requirements of GAP-VF.

As one of the pioneers of the agriculture industry, their farming process are incorporated with advanced agricultural

systems & technologies from all over the world. As such there is a wide variety of produce from Soil-based Asian

Leafy Greens, Hydroponic-based Western Leafy Greens and Herbs that are harvested daily and are freshness

guaranteed. The farm also receives clients from different generations coming to participate in various activities like

educational farm tour, corporate team-building, family days or even their very own Weekend Market.


Herbs Workshops (9am – 9.30am and 1pm – 1.30pm)

$5.50nett per pax

A sit down session, where we share about the benefits of the herbs that are grown at our farm. Enjoy our freshly

brewed tea uniquely designed for your residents. Get to know the secret ingredients we add in to make it refreshing.


Gardening 101 Workshops (10am – 10.30am and 2pm – 2.30pm)

$6.50nett per pax

Gain first hand information from our experienced guides on how to grow healthy plants. Aligning to HPB’s theme,

we introduce healthy eating to the residents by having them to try out our freshly harvested greens.


Weekend Market ( 9am to 5pm)

Free entry

A wide variety of freshly harvested greens are available for purchase.

Apollo Aquaculture

24 Seletar West Farmway 2, Singapore 798101

Opening hours: 9am to 6pm

The Apollo Aquaculture Group (AAG) offers a full-suite of aquaculture solutions for both ornamental fish and

seawater food fish. Launched in 2015, Apollo Marine is the first 3-tiered fish farming facility in Singapore, making

quality live seafood available to local consumers at attractive prices. Apollo Aquaculture Group started its ornamental

fish business in 1969, a decade in Singapore’s history when the ornamental/aquarium fish industry was beginning to

thrive. Among the 300-odd farms devoted to the breeding of aquarium fish in the 1960s, Apollo Aquaculture Group

is among the few that still stands strong, exporting millions of dollars’ worth of ornamental fish yearly. Besides

continuing to play a part in putting Singapore on the world map of ornamental fish export, Apollo Aquaculture Group

has also diversified into farming food-fish and crustaceans. Group CEO Mr Eric Ng inherited the business from his

father in 2009. Under his stewardship, Apollo Aquaculture Group currently produces groupers and shrimps,

contributing to Singapore’s food security.


Hourly tour of our retail that showcases Apollo’s farm bred premium grouper and shrimp, as well as, live seafood

imported from around the world.


10% discount voucher with any spend for SHF visitors – valid only on 6 and 7 April 2019

Return voucher will be given to all first-time visitors on 6 and 7 April 2019

Citizen Farm

60 Jln Penjara, Singapore 149375

Opening hours: 3 tours per day, 10am, 12pm, 2pm.

In 2012, Edible Garden City was just a small team with a big dream. Back then, they built humble gardens for

restaurants that shared the same goals and ideals: local, fresh, safe produce that meets the highest standards of

quality and taste. Business trickled in as schools, malls, offices, and private residences all wanted edible gardens of

their own too. Over the next few years, people started to take notice of this unique, hardworking little company. But

like all farmers, they wanted a farm to call our own. In 2016, they discovered a dilapidated, abandoned former prison

and decided to give it a new lease of life. 60 Jalan Penjara was not going to be just a regular farm, but rather, a

collective of farmers sharing a vision of bringing community and agriculture together for Singaporeans. Thus, Citizen

Farm was born: a closed-loop urban farming system that integrates natural systems with modern technology, and a

more robust and sustainable urban farming model for the world. Edible Garden City champions the grow-your-own-

food movement in cities around the world, starting with Singapore.


Open House (10am, 12pm and 2pm)

Sign up for a tour to meet and chat with the bunch of good folks at Citizen Farm. This farm is made up of a collective

of farmers practising a close loop urban farming system that integrates natural system with modern technology.


*Scape, 2 Orchard Link, #04-01, Singapore 237978

Opening hours: First Saturday, 1030am – 12pm

Comcorp aims to build a sustainable business by connecting communities to healthy, locally produced food; taking

care of our planet; and by making farming fun again. All of the farm’s vegetables and herbs are grown without

pesticides or herbicides using methods which greatly reduce the amount of water, land and chemicals that would be

used in producing the same amount of produce conventionally. Growing local also means less impact on the

environment from transporting food long distances, and reduced food wastage along the way.

Guided Tours (every 30 mins from 10am to 1pm)

More information available on our facebook.

Pacific Agro

14 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769961

Opening hours: Saturday: 9am to 5pm, Sunday: 9am to 4pm

Pacific Agro’s farming roots are deep; going all the way back to 1977. The farm was built from humble beginnings

here in Singapore. Crops bloom and grow with the use of coconut husk (or, coco peat). This grants nutrients in our

earth mix to be absorbed and released according to the needs of our plants, sustainably too! Cherry tomatoes, herbs

and veggies such as basil, mint, stevia, sweet potato leaves, eggplants, and more, grow on the farm, filling it with

brilliant colours. Picked by their specialised growing team and transported without delay off the vine, fresh, daily.


Open House

Free Admission

Take a free and easy stroll through our cherry tomato farm or be guided by our farm guide. Feast your eyes on our

fresh vegetables, herbs and spices, all for sale, grown by us. No registration or payment is required for our tours.

Guided Tours (9am & 11am)

Limited to 40 pax for each session.

No registration required, on a first come first serve basis.