About Food Pass

Food Pass Trail

6-7 April 2019

Welcome to the Foodpass Trail!


You’re now holding a “passport” to some of the most amazing farms in Singapore!

Where does our food come from?

Find out as you embark on this exciting exploration of our local farming industry.

Grab the chance to take part in the many fun activities specially planned for the Singapore


Heritage Festival weekend: learn how to milk a goat or catch a live frog!

Buy farm-fresh vegetables and artisanal products or even indulge in a unique, exclusive

steamboat in a beautiful rustic setting. Seek out the urban farms hiding in plain sight

amidst our skyscrapers, or take a trip from the bustling city to enjoy a day out in nature

at the countryside and meet our happy farmers!



About Kranji Countryside Association

The Kranji Countryside Association (KCA) is a non-profit organization that promotes local agriculture, food security

and sustainability, education, conservation, agritainment and agri-tourism. From its humble beginnings with 10

founding members in 2005, it has grown to a strong association of 46 members with diverse offerings in the

Kranji countryside.